You can tune a piano..






Looks like im startin somethin in a few months


People used to tease me in primary school for doing weird hairstyles by calling me a dinosaur. Embracing my inner dino!!!

 Shit, I want to be where this is.


Hi tumblr. My brain is barely functioning so excuse me if this is all over the place. I’m a poor disabled queer, currently in a mostly stable living situation, but no income of my own. I get a stipend for medical marijuana each month, but no matter how much I try to stretch…



A mouth-watering fuck-ton of gun references.


Before you draw any gun, be absolutely certain you are familiar with the parts of a gun. That sounds cliché and dumb, but if you end up wondering “Why does this thing look so shitty?” it’s probably ‘cause you don’t know how a gun works. Know how it moves and what fits in where. And please know where the hands are placed when firing!!! If you hold a gun at the wrong place, you can lose a finger! Don’t know enough about guns, let alone what type to utilize? Here (the Glock and the “Frag Nade” are mixed up):

World Guns. Thought it was kinda funny. Sweet list though. wmm Varmint never works Fishgun HAHAHAHA OPERATOR HUM! FUTURE gangsta ham heats 1911 snake? snaake!

And if you’re pro on guns, here’s an orgasmic list:

And if you wanna get a little creative:


I’m always a fan of the minigun………

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i need this 

This is wicked helpful.

Frank is story boarding his comic. I am going to draw it. I am glad we are finally doing a comic thing.

Where are the current Heathcliffs and Garfields? Where are the cartoon cats?



Man, this is a real pressing question. I’m unfortunately not totally up-to date with today’s fashionable cartoon animals, although I’d argue that Heathcliff and especially Garfield are still a thing, even if in a snarky/ironic way. Krazy Kat is totally still cool (and I’ve personally been a fan of the B. Kliban cats).  Maybe with the recent wave of ’90s Simpsons nostalgia, Scratchy will be The Next Big Thing. These adorations of Cats of the Past however may indeed be a cry for help that we need some new Cartoon Cats to adore! So I ask all Animators/Cartoonists … who’s gonna make it happen?!?!


probably Mickey Zachilli. 

The last one I can remember is the cat from Get Fuzzy. I really like that cat. I haven’t seen a funny paper in a while though so maybe it’s not still around.






Why can’t there be a male hooter’s equivalent where male servers are shirtless and highly sexualized for their bodies and looks

Male Strip clubs. You’re thinking of male strip clubs.

No. Not a male strip club. A strip club is a strip…